Friday, April 1, 2011

Color Confidence:Turquoise Tones

I have been swamped lately with exams, papers and applying to summer internships that I have not had much time for the blog, but I promise to take more time for it next week! I have lots of great posts planned. This "color confidence" post is a preview to a new series I am doing starting next week. Also, you have a blog swap to look forward to on monday from Krystal Schelgel!

p.s. for endless turquoise inspiration check out (this site). Have a great weekend!! xo


  1. Gorgeous!!! i love this outfit!!! Especially the color of the skirt and the clutch!


  2. omg LOVEE the skirt and that clutch! might have to add turquoise to the wedding color contenders! xoxo jcd:: enter to win my jewelry giveaway !!

  3. Turquoise is such a brilliant color!! Love the many different images you found!!

  4. I am in loooove with that turquoise clutch. Any idea where I could find one like that?

  5. I want that top outfit. Seriously. And that room is completely adorable.

  6. LOVE this colour. And that clutch is amazing!xo


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