Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guest Blogger:Ash from a {little} dash of ash

Good morning! Today I am excited to share with you a guest post from Ash from a {little} dash of ash. She is a new blogger like me and she has fantastic style and I am sure the readers of Daily Crush will love her cute blog! Thank you Ash for sharing some of your favorite trends for spring! xo
Hello readers of Daily Crush!  This is Ashley from a {little} dash of ash and I am guest posting about some of my absolute favorite trends for spring!  There are so many out there right now.... super brights, dresses, short shorts, wide legged jeans, colored pants, lace, pretty details and embellishment, gold, big bows, chambray, stacked bracelets, vintage white and nudes, stripes, preppy, and retro!  Basically.... anything goes :)  Here are a few of my inspirations for spring from one of my favorite style icons, Olivia!

Gosh! I wish I could pull off those looks as flawlessly as her!  I on the other hand am a very casual dresser -- but it has been fun to take some of the big trends and implement them into my more laid back wardrobe!  Here are a few of my latest purchases (ok, except for those ahhhhmazing Michael Kors heals -- haven't splurged on those, yet).  

What is your favorite spring trend?  Head on over to my blog {here} to see my other daily inspirations!  Have a great week!!! :)


  1. Love everything Ashley picked out and yes, would so love to be Olivia- even for a day!

  2. OMG I love Olivia! She has such an inspiring style!!!! Great post!!!



  3. i have a serious style crush on olivia too.. LOVE ashleys picks! esp the coral dress. xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  4. Hurry up warm weather! I love these outfits!
    And thanks for introducing me to a {little} dash of ash, Love it!


  5. I heart Olivia...I wish I could look that perfect and adorable on a day to day basis! That lace dress she is wearing is gorgeous. As is that coral dress Ashley picked out!

  6. Katie-thank you for sharing her blog. She has a very nice style. I look forward to reading her blog. Keep up the great posts! The "shorts of spring" was super!

  7. i have to admit, she has impeccable style!

  8. love these looks...very cute

  9. love it! olivia has totally won me over by how cute and stylish she looks every.day. love the coral dress - where is it from??

    also, katie, great to find you! now following :)


  10. Olivia is a major style icon of mine--love all these picks!


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