Thursday, March 1, 2012


Before you jump ahead to check out todays post I want to take the time to congratulate the ever-so-talented Mackenzie Horan on the launch of her online boutique. I rushed back to my apartment from my 8am class to check out the site and it is fabulous (as I expected). She has chosen beautiful baubles, home and fashion accessories and I can not wait to purchase a few! Be sure to check out the boutique {here}.

Last thursday, I announced a new series on daily crush called From Foundation to Furnishing I am very glad you all seemed interested and excited to hear more about the project. Kicking off week two my mother is guest posting about a second style of homes. Enjoy!
Hi, I am thrilled to contribute to Daily Crush and the new Thursday From Foundation of Furnishings feature.
In the past two weeks, I have met with some incredibly talented architects, as well as searched the pages of Pinterest and Houzz for exterior design ideas. Among my favorite architects that I have talked to... Christopher Hall Architects, Couture Design AssociatesMadison Spencer ArchitectsPatrick Ahearn Architecture and Braidenview Designs.
Last week, Katie featured British Colonial style summer homes. This week, I wanted to focus on a variety of cedar shingle style homes that have a bit more of that "ahhh it's summer and we're in New England" feel. These are some the looks I love.
Partick Ahearn designed this classic gambrel style pool house and carriage house. Very simple lines with beautiful materials with perfect house summer features including a pergola, roof deck, a copula, window boxes, small pool, and cedar shingles!

This house has interesting peaked roof lines adding to it's overall character. I love all the french doors and large roof overhangs, the pool and patio.

Paul Burke designed this house in Middletown, Rhode Island. I like the lines on of the carriage house/garage.

This is another classic Patrick Ahearn gambrel style home. I love how the three dormers, oversized first floor windows, simple boxwoods and hydrangea all frame the front door.

I am not sure who the architect is of this charming summer house, but I love all the french doors, the exterior fireplace, the pretty windows and the simple landscaping. 

This is an adorable gambrel style pool house. I love the light colored cedar shingles and the beautiful sliding doors behind the columns.

I love the window and the overall charm of this house.

This house is a typical Nantucket shingle style home. The pergolas covered with flower climbing vines and the trellis on the garage are quintessential to nantucket charm.

So inviting with very simple lines.

Another Patrick Ahearn. Lots of interesting architectural features!

I would love to know which look the readers of Daily crush like best for a summer home--british colonial or natural shingle?? Comment and let me know. I would love your feedback! Thanks,  Michaela 


  1. Being from New England..I have to go with the shingles. There is nothing better than the feel/look of a cape, nantucket or MV home :)


  2. Drooling. All of those homes are so gorgeous! and so excited about MacKenzie's shop!!!

  3. I really love these shingle homes. So cozy! I also adore Mackenzie's new boutique!

  4. They're all so breathtaking. I'd go with the shingles which is pretty much unique to those parts.

  5. I am so jealous of the house. omg. but the shingles is amazing and you must do it. Classic Cape Cod!

  6. Yes natural shingles for sure!

  7. Love them all!! I like the shingle style best but without the gambrel roof line. I know this is a classic Patrick Ahearn look but being from the Vineyard they are a bit over done! I'd stick with the simple roof line and farmhouse style!!

  8. Love the cupola! Must have that over garage..

  9. How sweet that you had your mom guest post!!!
    And loving all these homes!

  10. I do love it! I will come back again for furniture and checking out the feeds also.


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