Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hi! I am happy to be back contributing again to the Thursday feature From Foundation to Furnishings!  And I have some exciting news. We have chosen our architect and we are thrilled to be working with Paul Burke from Middletown, Rhode Island. He is very flexible, easy-going, entertaining, very talented and currently busy drawings some options for us!  

The picture below is a portion of one of his drawings that he quickly drew up for us showing the Southern exposure side of the house. So lots of windows for lots of sun light! 
We are looking at three different styles: Cedar shingle gambrel style, cedar shingle with a peaked roof line and a white washed brick classic colonial style. I will share more photos next week. 
In the meantime, 
I wanted to share some features that I think would be fun to add to the design of a family summer house that would provide hours and hours of entertainment and time outside! 

I love the way this trampoline is set into the ground and surrounded by beautiful annuals and perennials. And who doesn't like to jump? 

If jumping isn't your thing... How about tennis... at home! This grass court is so beautiful!

I love the use of this little natural shingled garage as a game room. 
Great for summer parties or rainy summer day! 
Ping-pong, pool table, darts... lots of possibilities!

New England winters are long. So, designing outdoor patio space that is inviting, functional and versatile is really important. I love the idea of having an outdoor fireplace with comfy sofas and space for hosting family and friends for dinner. This outdoor living room designed by Suzanne Kesler is perfect!

Simple Summer Pleasures....A good book, some shade and the perfect hammock!

The Family Pool! 
For first dives, cannon balls, marco-polo, 
pool parties and possibly some quite chaise lounging time!

A family garden! Growing your own organic summer heirloom tomatoes, arugula and corn
is rewarding and delicious! Incorporating an area for a family garden has so many rewards!

And if by chance you have to leave your summer home with all it's fun features to head to the beach... What a fun way to go!
Let me know what is your must-have summer fun feature
Michaela Carlin (Katie's mom)


  1. I love all your photos here! That in the ground trampoline is too cool. I also would love a tennis court and hammock. What an exciting process for you and your family!

  2. I love the idea of a sunken trampoline and of course a pool is a must!

  3. Wow -- these pictures are so inspiring & gorgeous! That tennis court -- holy cow! Never seen a grass tennis court! Very cool... I also love the idea of having a little back house for a play room or "adult play room" that you can open the entire wall up like with a sliding glass garage door or something! So fun... also I'm really excited to see this "From Foundations to Furnishings" feature... I'm studying Interior Design at TCU currently and this will be very beneficial to me!! Happy Thursday!

  4. What a fun post! I love that you and your mom are teaming up to do this series, she has a great eye!


  5. Love the drawing!! Already looks like a gorgeous summer retreat! Also love the pool picture. I like the simple rectangular shape. A classic. Can't wait to see more pictures next week!

  6. that pool looks beautiful as does everything else, what a fun project!

  7. Lady you have FABULOUS taste! Best of luck with the construction!

  8. AWSOME PICS:) That really make me long for in Gothenburgh its very chilly ,today even though the sun is shining:)
    Have a great week

    LOVE Maria


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