Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hello all! I am checking in from beautiful Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica where I am spending the week in a villa with my family. So far the trip has been a blast. Between surfing, a guided ATV tour through the rainforest, hiking, and indulging in authentic Costa Rican food & drink, life is good. Below are a few photos of the trip so far! Would love to tell you more, but I am off to zip-line. How lucky am I??

AND thank you so much to Liz and Erika for their fabulous guest posts the past two days, it made my life a whole lot easier. 

 Be sure to check back tomorrow. I will be posting a 4th of July fashion feature I think you'll love!!


  1. Hi, I hopped over from Sequins & Stripes and had to comment...I spent part of my honeymoon in Manuel Antonio and LOVED it! Looks like you are having a fabulous time!!


  2. It looks like a fabulous time Katie...and what about those monkeys?!?! I am glad you are having a blast with your family. Miss you xoxo

  3. The monkeys are killing me!! Looks incredible! xo

  4. Oh my goodness your pics look amazing. My friend just returned from Costa Rica and ever since she told me all about it, I've been dying to go. Have fun today!!

  5. Gorgeous trip Katie!! Have a fabulous time!

    xx Liz

  6. The beach looks nice, and I see a lot of friendly creatures on the photos. The hanging bridge looks fun. I bet you really enjoyed this trip.


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