Wednesday, October 3, 2012


A few months ago, Lauren Conrad featured my Juicing For Health post I wrote when I was a contributor to Project Gadabout.  Since the post, I have been overwhelmed by the response! I continue to received dozens of emails from readers of Daily CrushProject Gadabout and Lauren Conrad's blog. Just another confirmation that the juicing trend is here to stay. Forbes Magazine's article; A Celebrity Trend Gone Wild points out this trend is not just a trend for celebrities, it seems juicing has hit Main Street. For some, juicing is a fad, for others it is becoming a part of a lifestyle routine. But as the article points out the cost of green juices is very steep! Sure, we all want delicious veggie laden drinks filled with all the good stuff to make us glow, and attain perfect health, but as all the raw vitamins and enzymes are seeping into your body, it is hard to ignore the $9.99 cost for your average fresh pressed juice. If you can't forgo the juice, and also don't necessarily want to spend $70 a week to have a juice a day, buying a juicer is a great option!  I love the convenience of heading to Wholefoods and grabbing Blueprint's Green drink, but more often than not, I try to make my own juice. It gives me a chance to mix up my own flavors! Below are some of my favorite recipes as well as juicers. I use the Breville juicer and really love it. I have posted some others here that have been highly recommended. 

My recipes:

get your juicer today!! 


  1. Oh wow. These juices look yummy. :9

  2. The best healthy option there is today! I didn't know some of the other blends but it would be fun if I try them all. The kale cleanser looks yummy!

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