Monday, May 5, 2014


Happy Monday all! I just got home after a relaxing couple of days in the Outer Banks with Jake. It was certainly a nice refresh and I had plenty of time to finally unplug! I scheduled some blog posts when I arrived back in Boston yesterday for the week that I am eager to share! Did you see my Mother's Day Gift Guide I posted yesterday? I'm guilty of being a major last-minute shopper so it was helpful for me to get a couple of ideas for my own mother. Also wanted to inform you of a huge Cinco de Mayo sale going on over at J.Crew factory today. I will be scooping up a couple of basics like this button down and these tissue tees


  1. Love all these images. Lately I have been really drawn to more simplistic decor, focusing mainly on crisp whites and natural elements. I love the 3rd and 4th image.

  2. These ideas drive me crazy to decorate my cabin! The white has already invaded ever hoes and I envy how designers beautify ever home they touch. I’m attracting on the furniture used in the second photo and the arrangement of the living room seems gorgeous! I’m lucky to stumble upon here!

    Sebastian Chuter

  3. Such great spaces. Hope you're well. xo


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