Guest Blogger:Kelly from Fabulous K

You're in for a treat today!!! A few weeks ago I found the blog Fabulous K--it is amazing and I am sure if you like Daily Crush you will LOVE Fabulous K! Kelly, the author has fun, bright and beautiful style in everything she chooses and she is sharing some of the things she loves with us today! Thank you Kelly!


Hello lovely Daily Crush readers!  I'm Kelly, the blogger behind Fabulous K and the designer behind Fabulous K Creative. I was thrilled when Katie asked me to guest post here as I love meeting new bloggers to add to my favorites.  When we talked about what I should post about, I thought it would be fun to blog about some of my favorite know, a little getting to know you of sorts.

First things first...I have a weakness for accessories!  My favorite designers are Tory Burch  & Kate Spade they can do no wrong in my eyes!  I also have an affinity for fresh flowers, especially peonies, which I can't get enough of since they have such a short season.  I'm completely smitten with my sweet little pup Tucker.  I adopted him from Operation Kindness two years ago after spotting him while helping a friend look for a dog.  Even though I wasn't planning on taking an 8 week old puppy home at the time, I am so glad I adopted him! Last but not least, a gal's gotta have her Starbucks!  Especially when I am putting in long days designing.  Now tell me...what are some things you all love?

Thanks again for having me's been so much fun.  I'd love for you all to come visit me at Fabulous K sometime!  xo, Kelly