Decorating with Coral

Did you know in China, coral is a symbol of longevity? This semi-precious stone is also one of the five sacred stones of the Tibetan Buddhists and symbolizes the energy of life force. No wonder this beautiful natural form is used often in everyday interiors. And although this classic motif is welcome year around, it is perfect for a beach house or summer decorating. Here are some of my favorite rooms and accessories…

images via Dallas Shaw, fabulouskcoral chandelierroger davies, and Elle Decor.
The photo on the top right corner & top left I found on pinterest and the photo on the bottom right a shot of  the sitting area in my parents room. I love the powder room where pages of the book are used as wallpaper-very creative! Buy the book here

 Below is a little collage I put together of some coral home accessories! Enjoy! 

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