Guest Post:Catherine from Chic Geek

Happy Thursday!! I am sorry I have been a little lazy on the blog front this week I have been crazy busy with everything and I started my summer internship monday so that has consumed a lot of my time. I will be sure to be back on track next week with some great things lined up! But for today, I am sharing with you a post by Catherine from a fabulous blog called Chic Geek that I recently discovered. I know if you like Daily Crush you'll love Chic Geek, Catherine has a great eye, i love her fashion sense-be sure to check out her Fashion Focus series!
Hi, I'm Catherine from Chic Geek. I'm so excited to be guest posting here, at Daily Crush. I've decided to highlight my summer fashion essentials. I've been on a big fashion kick, and recently started a new Fashion Focus series on Chic Geek. I hope you find a little inspiration in this post.

A statement necklace can transform any ensemble. Whether accessorizing a cocktail dress or a t-shirt and jeans, a bold necklace is always my go-to.

Use shoes to add a pop of color to your look. This can serve as a fun nod to the carefree spirit of summer. My selections tend to be more playful during the summer months. So go ahead... kick up your heels, and have some fun!
{Sources: Floppy Hat, Statement Necklaces: A, B, C, D Fancy Feet: A, B, C, D}

Thanks again for having me!