The Fake Bake

Last week I bought the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess face tanner at Bloomingdales and I am obsessed. Since I have very fair skin putting on bronzer is just part of my daily beauty routine when I use this product I have had to wear very little makeup. It is such a natural, looking color which is always the most important factor when choosing a self-tanner. It also smells great which is not typical of self-tanners. I wanted to share with you some of my top picks as well as some of the beauty expert's favorites when it comes to self-tanners. As far as tanner for the body I have two that I use, one being St. Tropez tanning mouse. This product is very easy to apply and makes for a very dark, even tan, it is a lightweight mouse with not much of a smell. I think it is one of the top selling tanning products of late and I definitely recommend it. I also have Xen-Tan, a gradual lotion similar to Jergens Natural Glow but a little bit higher quality and a more natural color. 

Some other top rated products right now are Tan in a Can, Hampton Sun, and TanTowels.