After completing my first week of classes of my SENIOR year of college I am experiencing such a whirlwind of  emotions. First it was the 12  wait,16 hour drive from beautiful Newport, Rhode Island where I spent much of my summer (when I was not interning in Boston) to Ohio. The ride did not go well to say the least…my navigation system decided to take me backroads from Pittsburg, PA all the way to Ohio….no cell phone service and no turning back. 

{a picture taken at our beach club}

(my younger sister and I on the dock)

Then the excitement of seeing all of my friends and moving into my first apartment with in a matter of 24 hours before classes started. After we got all the big stuff out of the way we started to have so much fun decorating with each other and putting finishing touches on the place--surely a few unnecessary purchases! My three roommates and I have taken full advantage of having a house of our own after being stuck in the dorms for three years, we have been having lots of parties and brunches…tonight we are hosting a cocktail/appetizer potluck! So I'll try and take some pictures! I'm making a goat cheese, fig, caramelized onion tart and tomato and mozzarella salad!

After just a week of classes and lots of fun, the "type A" personality side of me is slowly starting to freak out that this is my SENIOR year…the last thing I have planned is graduation and a few family trips. AND THEN THE REST IS UNKNOWN! I'm trying not to stress out over never ever getting a real job….but i have to say it is not helping that my brilliant "society and the economy" professor has informed the three of us in his class that we are all DOOMED. I guess I just have to get back on a yoga kick, say some prayers and trust that everything will fall into place…eventually. That being said, no guarantees that I wont start applying for jobs in the (very) near future. ANY ADVICE IS ALWAYS WELCOME!! In the meantime, I am going to try to do my very best to keep up with my blog and make it into something I am truly proud of. I have so many daily readers that I appreciate so much…receiving kind comments and e-mails always makes my day!

LASTLY Stay tuned…my good friend Emily, the author behind Simply Southern and I are working on a great project that we hope lots of bloggers will want to be involved in! Details to come very soon! xo

sorry for the rant!