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Finals week is leaving me feeling like I have many more ideas than time to execute them. I am swamped with exams, papers, projects, on top of packing to go back to Boston for a month on Thursday (have i mentioned I am the worlds WORST PACKER?)...anyways, I am going to take a hiatus from blogging today and possibly tomorrow but I want to share with you some of my favorite recent posts and blogs to check out! I don't normally do this I hope y'all understand! And I hope you are having a lovely week, xo.

{this} tumblr
{this} cute idea
{this} cool iPhone app
and for comic relief {this}
the faux fur vests in {this} post
{everything} on Project Gadabout
the most fun {balloons} i've ever seen
{this} movie trailer, try not to shed a tear
my pinterest boards, aka the results of  {procrastination}

Please be sure to share your blogs, posts, and anything else with me!!