Happy Thursday everyone! With the new year right around the corner, I have a really great group of bloggers lined up to do guest posts over the next few days. Each of these talented ladies will be posting about some of their highlights over the past year and their hopes and resolutions for 2012. I am starting the series today with a fabulous blogger {av} of long distance loving. If you have not checked out her blog you definitely should, she is very inspiring!

My highlights from 2011:

Finding out about {cv}'s promotion and making a permanent home in Rhode Island.

Traveling with {cv} to California for a week without distractions.

And discovering just how much I adore the blog world and the community which helps me feel at home wherever I go.

My hopes for 2012:

Get back on the running train, after my tibia injury prevented me from running two marathons last year!

Keep developing my photography and design skills, to help my blog--and me :)

And spend more time with family and friends in their corners of the world.

Thank you so much {av}! I look forward to meeting you in January : ) Stop by tomorrow to read {Shannon Dorrough's} highlights and hopes!