Happy Friday everyone! I am signing off until Monday, but before that Amber Venz is sharing with you her fabulous highlights from 2011 and hopes and resolutions for 2012. 


The launch of rewardStyle.com and CurrentlyObsessed.me are two of the top highlights of my life thus far. rewardStyle launched in June and I have gotten to meet and work with so many incredibly talented and powerful people in the fashion industry- it has been a dream come true. Further, it was such a cool feeling release CurrentlyObsessed.me and have bloggers like Mrs. Lilien create a magnificent post about the new site, directing their readers to check it out. To get the attention and "air time" of bloggers like this gave me amazing hope for what my company is going to become.

On December 1 I moved in to a new loft with my brother (we are three years apart). This is the first time that we have lived together post-parents and I am proud to have an environment that is our own to share with our friends and significant others. Oh, and he cooks:)

I have always designed and created dresses for myself (12 to date) but this year, my friend Courtney Kerr wore one of my dresses to an event in Dallas that Bravo happened to be filming. I received a flood of emails about the dress and decided to produce them in a very limited quantity. This is the first dress I have ever designed, had produced and sold. 

Hopes & Resolutions:

I have got to start drinking more water and ween myself from my Dr. Pepper addiction. I have promised to drink at least one bottle of water a day in 2012 (not a lot, I know, but we are going from zero to one, so that is a big deal).

I am hijacking my boyfriend's resolution and am going to try to be a better friend this year. I spend all of my time working (I call the company my "full-life" job) and I would like to pay more attention to the life around me and work a little less.

This is a big one. Fall 2011 was my last official collection of my jewelry line; I have decided to close my wholesale business to stores. My jewelry created an entry door into the fashion world, it is a big part of what I am known for and it allowed me to cultivate the relationships I have today. This was and is a very emotional decision, especially on the heels of a big honor, winning "Best Jewelry Designer in Dallas" by D Magazine this year; however, businesses grow and change from what they were at inception. I value my time and when something becomes more of a have to than a want to, it is time to move on. A work motto I like to live by: if you do not love it or want to do it, don't. To me, the goal in life is happiness and I hope that this decision allows me to do more of the things that I love and therefore brings me more happiness.