Today Grace from one of my favorite blogs stripes & sequins is sharing with you three of her memorable moments from the past year and three of her hopes for the new year. Tomorrow is the last day of the series featuring one of my many girl crushes Amber Venz

This guest post series has been a little long but it has been really fun to hear about all of these talented bloggers years, dont you think? I am very grateful for each and every one of you that participated! The series has allowed me to have ample time to be on vacation, relax, do some (much needed) organization projects, a few paintings, time with family and friends, and lots of time to focus on daily crush. I can promise you some wonderful posts and new series' in 2012. My long list of new years resolutions includes several hopes and new ideas for daily crush that I am excited to share with everyone within the coming weeks.

I am excited to get back into the swing of things Monday after a few days with Emily who is visiting me in Boston from Texas and a possible ski trip this weekend! Follow me on twitter so you can hear about some of the things I am doing and working on for you and "like" the Daily Crush facebook page because in addition to all of the posts I have been planning I have a FAB giveaway coming up that I don't want you to miss. ALSO, I am the newest contributor to Project Gadabout and I am SO excited about it. I spent a lot of time filling out Miss. Poppy's fun questionares and she has featured me on the site three times this week. I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think! Lastly, and I know this is fashionably late, but I need to say it, thank you so much for all of your sweet support and comments in 2011 I truly could not ask for better readers and I'm so excited for what 2012 will bring!

Highlights of 2011

My first trip to Sundance!  It was incredible seeing my boyfriend’s films (he had two there,) and getting to meet so many of his amazing colleagues.

Jumping ship from my corporate beauty biz job and signing on at BaubleBar, where I run their social media.

My trip to Europe with the boyfriend.  We went to Northern Ireland, Paris, and Rome.  It was a great mix of seeing friends and having quality time together... I wish we could go back, already!

Hopes for 2012

I’m working on making all sorts of changes to the blog.  It’s a constant process … I don’t know that it will ever be “perfect” in my eyes, but I can certainly do my best to get it there.

 I want to invest more time into getting into shape.  Between work and the blog and trying to see friends and family, I’m always so tired.  But I need to invest in my health!

 I need to scale back and pare down.  I’ve got too much stuff.  It’s time to make some tough decisions and really clean out the closet.  I’m not particularly excited about it, but I know that it will be worthwhile.