I am really excited to announce a new weekly series on Daily Crush that I have been planning for quite some time. Let me explain. My parents met in Newport, Rhode Island 25 years ago, they both grew up spending their summers in Newport with their families. When I was younger my parents bought a home of our own there. For years we would leave Boston the day we got out of school for summer vacation and spend every day there until the night before our first day and I loved every minute of it. I have been so spoiled spending my summers in such a beautiful place filled with history, lots to do, and my amazing extended family. My parents bought a plot of land a few months ago and are in the process of choosing an architect to build a new house. 
I am starting this series with the hope of sharing ideas, inspiration, plans and progress being made. From foundation to furnishing, and everything in between. I plan on dedicating every thursday from now until the house is furnished, blogging about everything from pergolas to porches to pillows and pools. Right now we are in the very early stages of planning. And when I say early I mean we are still  trying to choose a "look." They have narrowed it down to three styles:cedar shingle style, british colonial and french pavilion style. Today, I am sharing a few photos of exteriors that I love. They happen to all be white, and fairly traditional. I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months! 

What do you think of these exteriors? Make sure to stop by next week to see more of my exterior inspiration! In the meantime, i've been pinning away so see my boards here!