I am so excited that today is my first day the Red Carpet Cleanse. You may have seen my post about juicing a few weeks ago. Ever since I bought a juicer and started juicing regularly I have always wanted to try a custom-prepared cleanse. I considered several different cleanse companies including Organic Avenue and Blueprint, but I ended up choosing the Red Carpet Cleanse, because I have heard such rave reviews.  In case you are not familiar with cleansing, cleansing is when you eliminate solid foods and drink fruit and vegetables juices. Cleansing has so many benefits. It releases toxins, promotes a sense of well-being, gives the body energy, improves skin tone, aids in weight loss and curbs sugar cravings (among many other things).

ginger brew:structured water, lemon, stevia, ginger, and sea salt

The packaged cooler JUST arrived on my doorstep in Ohio and I am about to have my first juice (the ginger brew pictured above). I will post tomorrow about how the Red Carpet Cleanse is going follow me on twitter and instagram for updates : )