TGIF, for REAL. I have never been so ready for the weekend in my life. This week was so long and I was nonstop every waking hour. I apologize for the short blog posts but I have been consumed in endless school work, writing articles for my University's newspaper, booking my spring break trip : ), crossing a few things off my never-ending to-do list, a political convention I am helping plan, oh and starting that scary thing called a job search. I am excited and anxious to apply to different jobs and figure out where in the world I will be in a few months when I gradate from college. I am thrilled to have Shannon looking over my resumé this weekend and helping me tweak a few things. (Have you seen her blog? It is one of my new favorites!)

I have had so many questions about the Red Carpet Cleanse that I have been doing for the past three days. The cleanse is incredible. Like I said yesterday, the juices are delicious, fresh, and ridiculously satisfying. I do not want today to be the last day. Many of you commented and e-mailed asking me how I got the cleanse, it was shipped for me overnight from LA to Columbus in a cooler. It arrived on my doorstep early Wednesday morning and all of the juices were very cold. I would highly recommend this cleanse or any of the Red Carpet Cleanses to anyone looking to detox and put a ton of organic, raw and delicious fruits and veggies into their system. Bottom line:totally worth it! 

Anyways, I am looking forward to a fun night out with friends tonight followed by a productive day tomorrow and of course watching the Patriots kill the Giants on Sunday in the Superbowl. Does anyone have any great recipe suggestions? Let me know!