Thank you so much for all of your suggestions about last weeks question. I have more than enough ideas about some beautiful way to organize my things. I will post some before and after pictures very soon! This week is crazy seeing that I am in the midst of midterms and packing for my spring break trip!  This week I wanted to ask something else. For quite some time I have been contemplating buying a nice digital camera. I think it would be wonderful to be able to capture beautiful photos and I also think it would be really beneficial to blogging. I often take pictures for outfit posts with my current digital camera and I am reluctant to post because the quality is not a great as I would like it to be. So, I am wondering if you have a digital camera that you love or if you have heard of any cameras that take great pictures? One of my short-term plans is to take a photography class, something I have always wanted to do but I would love to get a camera and play around with it first. Please comment with any suggestions you may have. Have a great day!