Happy tuesday everyone, I apologize for my brief hiatus in blogging the past few days. I took an unexpected road trip to the Outer Banks, North Carolina this weekend and I have been pretty disconnected other than uploading a few photos to my Instagram account that I am sharing with you this morning. I have some great posts in the coming days featuring amazing designers like Sisco + BerlutiDaniella Zagnolli and Allison DanielleI am also working on some outfit posts with Emily and a few great interior design inspiration posts! Until then, here are a few snapshots of my life the past few days, edited out, of course, are the countless hours I spent reading and working on my research paper due today, the cleaning, oh and the 26 hours I spent in the car over the past five days...

left to right: The Currituck Beach Lighthouse // The Whalehead Club// Poor Lucy was sick and in a cone for a few days but she had a speedy recovery after a her paws hit the sand and few antibiotics. She loved spending time on the beach with her doggy friends #lifeofadog

left to right:Jake and I made yummy moscow mules, {here} is the recipe! // a pretty spring bouquet of flowers// a fun, glittery manicure // a bike ride with jake 

left to right:incredible blood oranges I bought last night, I am thinking about using them to make {this} easy salad// a few new Sisco + Berluti bracelets that I will be wearing non-stop on a new lucite jewelry holder (I will be sharing later on in the week!) // Trees and flowers are in full bloom on campus, snapped this picture on the way to class this morning// new skin care products I am reviewing for the Somme Institue, love the simple packaging! 

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