The past few weeks have been a complete whirlwind. I graduated Sunday from Ohio Wesleyan and arrived back in Massachusetts after a thirteen hour drive late last night. After {this} post last week many of you have e-mailed, commented, and tweeted asking what is next for me?  I was offered a sales job with a Boston-based startup called HubSpot, an internet marketing company and I start in just a few weeks! I could not be any more excited to work at HubSpot. Not only has  HubSpot been named the best place to work in Boston in the past two years, it also has one of the most unique cultures and philosophies I have ever heard of. 

Despite the fact that I will have a real job I plan on continuing sharing a dose of daily inspiration with you! In the meantime, I am off to Salt Lake City for the next few days visiting my sister Kaela! Anyone been to Salt Lake?? I am open to suggestions of things to do, areas to visit, restaurants to try!

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