I came across this list by Whitney English this morning of 101 Ways to Make Ideas Happen and I wanted to share it here on Daily Crush. Whether you are trying to tackle your never-ending to-do list or you are dying to peruse a life long goal this list of 101 ways to make things happen may give you a little motivation! I read Molly's Toast Talk post on Monday about time management/procrastination and I could totally relate. I am the type of person that is so much more productive when I am busy and have deadlines. When I have a ton on my plate I find myself breezing through  my to-do list, finding time to work out, plan dates with friends, setting aside time for organizational projects....the list goes on and on. This being said, I have my own list of about a dozen things that i would like to make happen but end up quite neglected every month. I think I should print this list and put it somewhere as a reminder to get things done!

What are you trying to make happen?