For the past year of so incorporating more personal posts on Daily Crush has been a dream of mine. Whether it be an outfit post or a lifestyle feature every time I attempted I wasn't quite satisfied. When I graduated in May, moved to Boston and started my job at HubSpot, I figured it was the PERFECT time to focus more on my blog and these more personal posts I saw on my favorite blogs and envied so much. Months went by, I spent time searching on local college classifieds, craigslist and beyond for the perfect photographer, someone laid-back who I felt understood my style and interest in fashion. I had just about given up when a message in my inbox from Cambria Hempton who had heard from her friend Clare I was looking for a photographer, I checked out her site and was ecstatic about the possibility of working together. Cambria and I instantly hit it off . Behind the lens, she is sweet and genuine as can be, extremely easy going and of course incredibly talented. Last week we went for a walk in my new hood and she snapped some pics along the way. I couldn't be happier with how the photos turned out and I am excited for another shoot Thursday!