We live in a world full of distractions and simulation where living an attentive, intentional life is challenging. These seemingly endless distractions and pleasures pull us away from a centered, focused and even spiritual life. Over the past few months, my increasing self-awareness of digital distraction combined with my boyfriend begging me to turn my phone off and put my laptop down have me thinking; something needs to change

I work at a technology start-up where I stare at my computer screen from 8am to 6pm Monday-Friday. I generally leave my desk for about 30 minutes mid-day to grab lunch. I rarely make it down the flight of stairs before my phone has activated its 2 minute auto-lock which of course I immediately notice, swipe and stare while I walk down the street, chatting with co-workers and trying to avoid the mid-day rush. I spend the next 30 minutes checking my phone intermittently  My routine varies in order from refreshing my Instagram feed, opening emails, accepting calendar reminders, and of course checking daily deals on RueLaLa and GILT. I return to my desk after eating and socializing for a few minutes to sit in front of my monitors for the next few hours. When my eyes are burning and my day is done, I walk home from work listening to my favorite Songza playlist of the hour and incessantly texting, figuring out my "plan" for the night. before my quick 15 minute walk is complete. When I get home I usually change and either head back out to a work out class, meet a friend for dinner or run down to Whole Foods to grab groceries, all while enjoying the convenience and satisfaction of my phone. By no means am I hoping ending up a Technophob (yes its a real thing) ...I love technology and all of the digital convinces I have at my disposal. As a lifestyle blogger in technology sales, the internet is how I make my living, consume content, shop, socialize, etc but I need to find more time to unplug, relax, walk Lucy and spend time with the people I love. After-all . it is the quiet and introspective moments that are some of the most enjoyable. 

My question for all of you is HOW do you ensure mindfulness and avoid constant distraction in your day-to-day life?